EE Pay As You Go Multi SIM

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Product: EE Pay As You Go Multi SIM
Description: The EE Pay As You Go Multi SIM provides 4G mobile broadband for your phone, whatever model you have. The benefits of Pay As You Go Enjoy more freedom with EE’s SIM only pay as you go plan – ideal if you’ve got a phone you’re happy with already, or if you’ve seen a phone-only deal you fancy. For extra convenience, you can also keep the number of your current phone. Use your credit to choose a PAYG pack that suits the way you use your phone, for example, you might choose to spend you credit on calls and texts, streaming music or online shopping – the choice is yours with Pay As You Go. Just remember to keep your credit topped up every month, so you can benefit from the perks that EE offers as your PAYG months accumulate. Add more minutes, texts or data at no extra cost, after you’ve stayed with EE for longer than three months. Superfast 4G, at no extra cost If you’ve got a 4G phone, there is no extra cost with EE’s Pay As You Go Multi SIM – so you can stream videos, map and load social network sites in no time with EE’s 4GEE service. This is particularly useful if you live in an area where superfast internet connection hasn’t been rolled out yet, where you might find it difficult to use the web in the way you want – this SIM gives you the option of using your mobile broadband instead. 6 GB of data pre-loaded Enjoy the speed of 4GEE instantaneously – with a fantastic 6 GB of 4GEE data already loaded on your SIM, you can start browsing, streaming and tweeting straight away. If you are tired of being tied down by a contract, or if you are looking for a SIM you can use for great value occasional use, consider the EE Pay As You Go Multi SIM .


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