Test And Improve Your Memory

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Product: Test And Improve Your Memory
Description: Memory is one of our brain’s most important functions and we constantly call upon it every single day. That is why it’s so important to keep it developed, strengthened and in top form, whatever your age. The Test and Improve your Memory PC CD-ROM is a fun and innovative way to expose the limits of your mind and build-up your brainpower. Highly suited to students preparing for exams, professionals wanting to think faster or adults in general, it strengthens memory whilst testing skills such as language and concentration in a highly personalised workout. The components inside help to: Reinforce memory capacities Develop memorisation strategies Develop logic and language skills Sharpen mental agility. Developed by a team of experts, the CD allows you to have fun without noticing that you are being tested. Travel the world to exotic locations such as New Delhi, Australia and Easter Island to play 12 highly interactive and fun games including: Sleight of Hands Elephant Memory Basketball in New York Fifty Fifty Heraldry Mosaics and more The difficulty of the games can be adjusted to suit the individual and can be played in any one of three modes to give your training flexibility: Free route: Visit any country and choose any game you please Tour: Countries and games are pre-selected depending on which tour you choose. Competition: Play in a selection of games and record your high scores. Coaching tools give you feedback and the personal Mind Profile illustrates individual strengths and weaknesses and records development over time in order to ensure peak performance and mental stamina for each individual.


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